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          Home Furnishing Consignment | Why Consign?
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          WHY CONSIGN?

          Why partner with Home Furnishing Consignment?


          • We have been in business for over 15 years, and our team has over 20 years each of resale experience.
          • This experience results in a deep and thorough understanding of current market trends.
          • Our rigorous up-front consignment review process has resulted in a sell-through rate of over 95% with-in the 90 day period.
          • Over 6,500 sq. ft. of professionally merchandised showroom space.
          • Located in the high traffic Gateway Shopping Center that houses Trader Joes and Staples with a steady flow of customers browsing your items.
          • Large enough to handle all your needs.
          • All major credit cards accepted to increase purchase power for YOUR items.



          If you’re considering options other than consignment,
          please consider the following first:


          • Do you enjoy arguing/haggling over prices?
          • How valuable is your time?
          • Safety/Liability?
          • HFC usually nets more than you would receive at an auction house.
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