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          Home Furnishing Consignment | Our Store & Services
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          OUR STORE

          With our focus on 100% satisfaction for buyers and sellers alike,
          our services include, but are not limited to:



          Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of market trends, enabling us to bring you timely sales and maximized returns.



          Our approach to merchandising is to create an elegant look and feel throughout our store. This is no thrift shop! Items are expertly staged for maximum exposure and marketability.



          Our staff will take great care in getting your items here safely. Pickup fees are communicated during the approval process and are deducted from consignor proceeds.



          We’re happy to connect you with our network of professional and trusted, third-party delivery services. Fees are communicated and paid directly to the delivery service.

          eames_chairDon’t see what you’re looking for? Let us notify you, from our customer request book, when an item you’re looking for may arrive. We have a continually changing selection of new and gently used:


          ? Furniture – Living, Dining, Bedroom, Etc.
          ? Artwork – Watercolors, Oils, Prints, Canvases
          ? Rugs – Handmade Asian/Oriental/Middle Eastern
          ? Home Decor – Mirrors, Floor & Table Lamps
          ? Tabletop – Crystal, Ceramics,? Small Collectibles

          Stop by often as our merchandise changes daily! The following brands are just a sampling of the merchandise we generally handle:


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